July 10th, 2012



Dry and in the low 80s. Officially we have had less that a half an inch of rain in the last thirty days. On Sunday I resorted to watering. I worry about the small trees, roses and shrubs. So another expenditure of water tonight and at least the birds in the neighborhood are happy. The sprinkler in the front just does the 10' x 20' of my front yard. The sprinkler in the back does the first half of my yard near the house. It is elevated so that it waters above the plants to the trees and shrubs at the edges. Not as efficient but the birds declared it a bird water park. I stood in the kitchen and watched a collection of mostly English Sparrows and House Finches playing. I saw one female Cardinal but I didn't do this the catalog the birds in my yard just want to keep my trees alive. Unintended consequences.

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