October 28th, 2012



NASA Satellites See Sandy Expand as Storm Intensifies [video] | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I'm glad I am in the Midwest at the moment.

Sent off my second email of the weekend that "may have consequences!'. Cami got laid off. Now the college is collecting fees from art students to offset her cost so how does that work? Refunds to students for not getting what they paid for? If I must, I will take this to the board of trustees.

Then I got admonished by my dean for asking a question of a colleague who is "outside my chain of command". So I asked him if he was saying I wasn't allowed to talk to the person. As my job requires me to talk to this person, was he telling me I couldn't do my job? Wonder what he will say?

So two emails (full of calm & professional and NO snark) that could have on-high raining down on me Monday. A few other facts:
1. I was not insubordinate.
2. I have never minded taking on dragons.
3. I have 35+ years in at the school.
4. I will turn 62 next Sunday.
5. I am the ranking member of the Department.

Stay turned folks, this might be an interesting week. And then of course there is Sandy, the "Frankenstorm" that started this post.