May 14th, 2013


end of semester

I came home after my last class yesterday. Thought I'd have a little chocolate milk. Enter from back stage an over large cat going at full steam and then some. Fi hit my left foot sending me off balance and the scene continues with me landing on the floor in a puddle of chocolate milk. Totally whacked my shoulder on the way down.

Time to think about things as Cami came to the rescue. How does someone with a bunged up shoulder, bad knees and no feeling in her feet get up off the floor without doing more damage? The answer says Cami is a sturdy metal step ladder. It did work and I became vertical again but it took awhile.

Needless to say this morning it hurts worse but the docs say I didn't break anything. Cami got me to school to finish grading and then to the doctor's office for X-rays. Wheelchair and crutches with a nonfunctional shoulder does not work well. I am slowly turning in grades electronically. I have until 8am.

Last night Fi was terrified. I think I kicked her on the way down and now if I move in her vicinity she stops and crouches making herself into something to trip over. I may yet survive this.