June 12th, 2014


gray day

Went out to run some errands. When I came back I let a fly into the house. The girls were exceedingly please that I got them a mobile toy. They in no way cooperated with each other in catching it, which I would have expected. Instead it was two cats doing some silent movie interpretation of a crazy chase scene. They got in each other's way, at one point collided in mid air and partially destroyed the house. BUT the fly has been vanquished!

Yesterday I got the official "we have money to give to you if you will retire now" letter which was foretold in an email received earlier in the week. It is a decent offer and I am seriously considering it. I've been teaching at various colleges and universities for 38.5 years and I am getting sick of the s**t. Students I like, politics not so much.

I told one colleague whose response was "happy for you but who is going to do all the stuff you do"? Well if I go it won't be me! I've got a meeting with the Associate Dean Wednesday.