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I grew up all over New England but the family farm was in Rutland. So I think of myself as a Vermont native, I spent as much time there as anywhere My dad and grandparents talked about the great flood of '38 but that seems like nothing compared to what Irene just did to the state. I am truly appalled.

I still own property in Sudbury VT and we haven't been able to get ahold of the farmer down the road to find out how things are doing. I hope he is ok. From what I can see from things posted online it is truly a mess everywhere. I look at the pictures and a lot of it is familiar or at least it was. Now it isn't there in many cases.

My sister talked to friends and relatives today and they are all good. Just finished a call from her and their town in NJ is flooded and they apparently made the news because a house in the flood zone exploded and then burned to the ground. FD couldn't do anything because of all the water. I 87 near them was washed out. My nephew did make it to college today -- some creative navigating had to happen to actually get him to NYU but he made it for his first day.

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