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addendum to yesterday

Today I wheeled to my office and stopped so I could dig out my key ring for the door remote. Yes, the school put an automatic door opener operated by remote on my office door. It only took three years of ADA requests. The doors are very heavy fire doors and I cannot get them open with out a struggle.

So, me stopped, suddenly I find myself moving down the corridor and a voice behind me says "I'll push you, where do you need to go?". This is someone I don't know. So I put on the brakes and in a slightly raised voice told the unknown person to STOP. Then I get "well I was only trying to help, I didn't know you were so independent" in a very belligerent voice. Me: "Yes and I was going into my office which was BACK there!" Her: "Well excuse me I was just trying to help." Me: "It is polite to ask the wheelchair user if they want help, before you do something." She walks off in a huff, aggrieved.

OK yesterday I made a wise*ass comment about people not thinking things through but today someone assumed way too much. It took a couple of minutes before I had calmed down enough to to to class. What gives her the right?

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