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yesterday & today

I'm currently working on the class schedule for next spring. I hate spreadsheets but if I don't do it, things will go sideways.

Left school yesterday afternoon intent on acquiring a sandwich before I went home. By the time I had driven two miles I turned into my street, then driveway and stopped. Went inside and took a pain pill and became horizontal. Oh no, stress doesn't in anyway effect me, no. (Keep telling yourself this and maybe...)

Much better this morning. Karren and I went to the farmer's market. Fruit and vegetables acquired. Went to a nearby bike shop looking for new gloves. I use MTB gloves to protect my hands from the wheelchair. Pearl Izumi has "new & improved" their offerings which means they stopped making my favorites. Why? Bought a different brand and will see. I need padded and non-skid for traction, these quantities don't seem to exist together in this year's offerings.

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