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The neighborhood squirrels are once again using my car as a nutcracker. My two doors down neighbor has a couple of black walnut trees in his yard. They are brought to my driveway and placed under my car, readied for demolition. Please to note: they are only placed near my car not on any other part of the driveway or sidewalks. Because of this I posit intent. The rest of the walnuts that arrive in the yard are planted. I weed them up because I don't want black walnut trees in my yard. Found a black squirrel happily munching this morning.

Other news concerning squirrels: one on the phone wire across the street. What you say, there are always squirrels on the phone wires. This may be true but not many with their own crow cheering section. Squirrel was on the lower wire and three crows were on the upper screaming at the squirrel. I'm not taking sides but from previous posts you might deduct my opinion of tree rats.

Saw a Blue Heron fishing in a large puddle shaped water feature on the golf course. I doubt there are fish in it but probably frog legs+ are on the menu.

I'm now at school, sigh. It is a beautiful, chill, blue sky day and I wish I wasn't.