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Came home this afternoon to this kitty sleeping under a bush in my front yard. He/she made no attempt at communication other than to blink at me, unlike the neighbor's cat who is always trying to invite himself in.

Romy was sleeping on the chair by the door and didn't even open her eyes as I came in. Her usual "oh, it's just you so I don't need to make a fuss" greeting.

Friday I had another back procedure so I came home and sleep off the "joy" juice they shoot you up with. While I was still in this twilight I rolled over onto a feather something near my head and suddenly I woke up thinking that herself had dumped a dead bird on my head. Not! It was just a a cat toy that had been dragged near as a helpful reminder of my duties.

This is getting to be the time of year when a few stupid mice end up coming into the house so that Romy can relocate them to my bedroom. She only accidentally kills them -- to her they are simply self-mobile toys. I must be vigilant.

I need to get horizontal but will tell a tale of cats and critters later.