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squirrel vs squirrel

I was calling Cami as I left the driveway. I ran over one or more walnuts on the way out of the drive pleasing the squirrels but not me. Strange noises came out of the speaker system while the car notified me that I had a connection to Cami. I hung up and tried again and got Cami laughing that the phone had been playing tricks but she knew it was me. Please to note: I am not one of those idiots driving around with one hand on the wheel and the other holding phone glued to my ear. As long as it is a short call I am not a danger because my car is one of the most expensive blue tooth accessaries you can buy for an iPhone. Hands free and safe -- sort of...

A number of squirrels attempted to commit suicide by car but I did not allow this to happen. Cami came up with a scenario for all of this that explained it as well as anything. Did you ever read spy vs. spy? See the thing I ran over was some sort of jamming device and it's dying somehow interfered with my phone connection. This was done by one of the fox squirrels attempting to confuse the black one. In other parts of the neighborhood the fox squirrels were able to deploy confusion devices, hence me almost running over three black squirrels. I didn't see any of the fox squirrels wearing black hats but I am sure they were out there. The black squirrels have driven most of the fox squirrels out of this part of the neighborhood, just saying.

After a week of cold and rain (and temps such that I had to turn on the furnace) it was sunny today. Warm - not so much, but better than it had been. The weather forecast for the next ten days says sun. !?! And again I say !?!!! It would be nice because I need to trim some trees. A couple of rose bushes that are trying take over the side yard also need trimming.


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Oct. 3rd, 2011 12:03 pm (UTC)
Sun? There is a sun?

I'll believe it when I see it.
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