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apple and steve jobs

Had to include this ad (voice Steve jobs) but I remember a couple of SigGraphs in LA with "Think Different" posters on the side of a very large hotel. My personal favorite was the Jim Henson one, Cami's is Alfred Hitchcock.

Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial "Here's to the Crazy Ones". It never aired.

The first computer I used was an IBM 360. The high school I attended had a terminal connected to a mainframe at MIT. Then the Board of Ed got it's own mainframe, all 8k of it. Punchcards and all that. At times I made money programming in the Fortran and punchcard days. The first computer I did graphics on was a color system called Lumena 8 (from Time Arts). It ran on a souped up IBM XT, had two monitors and a tablet and sold for a mere $20,000. The school bought five of them in 1985.

My own first computer was a Mac and all the computers I have owned since are/were Macs. Mac SE, Mac LC III, Power Mac 8500, a G3, G4, G5, somewhere in here I bought an iBook , a MacPro and my current MacPro 8 core. When I bought a new machine I would sell the old ones to friends and students. The G4 and newer are still operational. I have assorted iPods and an iPhone. I guess you could say that I am a big fan of Apple.

My office at school has two Macs currently in residence, Marvin or Marvin Jr. -- Cami wasn't sure -- up on the top of a book case. It was a door stop for a while, we thought about making it into an aquarium. And the current Mac Pro on my desk.

Apple had a big impact on my personal and professional life. I make my living teaching with Apple computers. I use multiple Apple devices daily. I didn't buy Apple at $14 but Cami did. Apple was Steve Jobs and I will miss watching him at his presentations introducing new stuff, convincing people of a new thing that they needed.

I remember pulling the first aluminum cased Mac Pro out of the box, popping the side and just staring at the beautiful design, inside and out. I never did anything but swear at the inside of any IBM, Dell or other PC I had opened up. My Touches and iPhone came in wonderfully designed boxes. Amazingly designed items.
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