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i've been teaching too long....

A friend and I had a email conversation this evening about a news story. Edits have been made to keep us employed but still it is funny so...

--Just came across this article about a George Washington U professor who didn't
show up at all for two semesters out of three, and just gave all the students A
grades. She was the department chair.

--And no one even checked. Wouldn't someone know if she wasn't there?

--The two scenarios I imagine is this:

1.) Her name (as department chair) got put on those classes as an equivalent of
"staff," then political shenanigans kept the classes from being assigned for
real. (Either they were withholding them from somebody or they screwed somebody
who then quit.) Then the semester started with her name still on the classes.

2.) At the last minute she found out that as chair, she didn't get a free ride,
and was supposed to be teaching some classes. So she grabbed a couple of
"staff" sections to fill her load.

And then in either case, she pulled a name withheld. Droit de Seigneur allowed her to
claim it was a "flexible scheduling" or "independent study" class, and she
bribed the students with As to keep them quiet.

And nobody checked because she was department chair. _She_ was supposed to check.

Have I been at this school too long? (Don't answer that....)

--We have both been at this school too long, sigh. And yes, I can see either and the person the students would go to complain about the situation would be ...wait for it....her! Assuming her bureaucracy is like ours.