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stop messing with the time!

Woke up at the wrong time and will be teaching tonight until way too late. I hate time changes, it is just stupid, but then the politicians responsible are stupid so what can I expect. The idiots won in the city elections but the referendum did pass to pay to keep cops and firefighters on the job. It went down in flames in August and just barely passed last night. The state gave away all its money to give a tax breaks to big corporations and now there is none left for municipalities, hence schools, police and fire doing badly. Lansing doesn't want to be Benton Harbor so they were going to lay off a raft of first responders and for a while it looked like it was going to happen. Luckily people came to their senses, nothing like a bunch of armed robberies and a murder or three to force people to think.

Mr. Jeff came by yesterday to wack down the yard. Usually he does this when he removes fallen leaves but the leaves aren't down yet. The yard post cleanup with a bunch of roses still blooming shown below. It is raining and as you can see from the picture the leaves may be getting mechanical aid in falling.

The parriota in front is almost not green.

And Miss Romy came by while I had the camera out and said "me, me". She is finally back in winter coat so very floofy.