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Not really steam punk maybe more like gunpowder punk and certainly not The Three Musketeers, the movie of said title was amusing. Purists must have had a fit with this movie. I went with no expectations other than it might be fun and it was. Milady kicked ass. During the airship battle scenes one did wonder why they were shooting for below the water line but ... I am not trying to excuse or for that matter recommend the movie but I was amused. Make what you will of this.

The only disappointment of the day was the dim sum at Golden Wok. The last time we were there they weren't at their best but we hazarded a guess that perhaps the dim sum chef was on vacation or something. Today it was apparent that he was gone. No carts and some of the dishes were good but anything that used the thin tapioca starch dough were awful. That dough when thick has all the appeal of library paste. Wheat based dough items were good so we can find things to order if we must. Luckily there are two other places in town to get dim sum.

It was windy and warm today. Out of town most of the leaves are off the trees. In town some leaves have yet to turn, weird weather.