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a day with cats

Got up and took a shower, no surprise there, I do it every morning. But unlike most mornings, where Romy patiently sits outside the shower (large walk in with no door), this morning she is in the shower before the water is even turned off. As soon as I stand up she is wrapping herself around my feet. I nudge her a bit and she moves to the doorway which at least allows me to dry off. I have to nudge her again to get out of the door. She moves about 6 inches at the next nudge and then makes a mad dash through my legs into the shower. I exit, finally, safely and turn around. Miss Silver Tabby thing is rolling around the shower getting very wet by this point. Did I ever mention the Maine Coons in general and this one in particular likes water and being wet? I don't know what got into her this morning but I did eventually got out of the house.

Cami and I went for dim sum at Little Panda. Yumm! and there were leftovers too.

And then had a wonderful time at the movies watching "Puss in Boots" and bypassed the long lines going to see the latest Twilight offering. The folks at PDI/Dreamworks do know how to tell a story. The previews were "The Muppet Movie", "TinTin" and "Hugo", all which I intend to see. There has been a dearth of adult movies this fall but in the next month I should at least see a few good "kids" ones.