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As you can see from the icon, I can actually make a pie. As I teach tonight until 8pm I decided I didn't want to bake anything before tomorrow. So I ordered two small pies from Zingerman's by way of EL Food Co-op. What I wanted was their Chocolate Chess pie. Not exactly in keeping with the upcoming holiday but it is chocolate and chocolate goes with everything, right? This morning I got a call from them that the order had been messed up and there was no CC pie for me. They did have Apple and Cranberry Walnut however. Would I like one of them? So I took an Apple pie to go with my Pecan pie. Since I had paid for the pies already all I had to do was go and pick them up. When I got to ELFCO I sought out the man who had called and he got me my pies and pointed got that they were giving me the Apple pie for my trouble. This meant that I had to stand in the long check out lines to get my refund. Aargh! I went in on my crutches because I wasn't going to have to walk far nor take too much time. Best laid plans and all that. So I stood in line while all sorts of rudeness ensued -- not from the ELFCO folks but my fellow shoppers. Happy Holiday!

I am now at school and will see how many students actually show up. I am not allowed to cancel class (my sister suggested this to me). I figure a number of people in my 3-5pm class will show. But the 6-8pm class? I'm guessing three but I'll see. If no one shows I have to wait 30 minutes before I can leave. Place your bets now.

EtA: I had three students in my afternoon class, and amazing of amazing I had eight out of sixteen for my evening class. 3D Animation trumps the holiday it seems.
Tags: grumpy, life, pondering, the universe etc.

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