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it snowed last night

I got home just as it started to get nasty. A fair amount of wet snow happened. This morning all of the trees in the back looked like the two poor shrubs on the left side of the image. They were bent nearly to the ground under a load of really wet snow. It is sunny and warm and the snow has been flooping off in cascades. I don't seem to have lost any branches which is good, so not like the East Coast earlier in the season. I also include a picture of the front where I was really worried about the witch hazel.

New snow removal person was great, much better than the city. Which won't be removing this "little" snow fall.

I get to drive to Grand Rapids later today. I'm on an Advisory Committee for Ferris State University. Glad the meeting wasn't last night.

Oh, by the way, Romy was extreeeeemeeely happy last night. She did her snow dance all night, back and forth to all the windows in the house. She loves watching it snow and feels that running across my head on the way to the bedroom window is a good thing.