art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

day with squirrels ...

or squirrely day, I'm not sure. This is how the day started. Looked out the kitchen window while pouring a bowl of cereal and saw a furry beast bouncing around. Didn't have my glasses on so grabbed the binocs and closely observed a tree rat. It was a red squirrel - a variety seen only one other time in my back yard. I pondered the sighting as I ate breakfast and then went out the front door to discover a black squirrel screaming, from it's perch in my street tree, at a fox squirrel rummaging around the mulch at the side of my yard.

When I first moved in, the yard (and trees around it) contained only fox squirrels. Slowly the black squirrels moved in from the east until a couple of years ago they crossed the street and are now the predominate squirrels on the block. We will have to see if the red squirrel was just a scout from the south or a settler and who will win the battle for ownership of my yard. My bet is on the neighborhood cats but that is another story.

So I went to school. This was the last day for two of my classes. So wacky behavior continued for most of the afternoon, just not tree rats behaving badly.

I stopped on the way home for some Chinese takeout because by this point I am just frazzled. Watched some TV, killed some pigs and am not looking forward to tomorrow -- it being a day of meetings when I should be grading. Grades are due Monday so it will be a fun weekend. Then two weeks off !!!!!!!!!!!!!#@#$!!
Tags: are we there yet?, grumpy, politics of the bureaucratic sort

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