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holiday yummy things

An overnight care package arrived today. It was from my sister. It contained Italian foodstuffs from a wonderful Italian market in Lincoln Park NJ. I repeat the word Italian many times because it is the one ethnicity that didn't move to Lansing and open a market. There is an Italian bakery but you cannot get decent salumi in town. It is the primary reason for making treks to the East Coast on a regular basis. Well, yes, there are other reasons but growing up in New England spoiled me for good Italian food. The two other reasons are to visit my sister and eat fried whole belly clams.

I had this discussion with a colleague a couple of weeks ago. He's from Philly and misses decent cheese steaks and pizza. We have learned to deal with this but a transporter would come in handy at times like this.

Sick today. My body decided it would attack me just before the holidays. I rescheduled appointments for the day and am listening.

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