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sunny & cold today

A beautiful day and temps about 30 degrees lower than they have been. With windchill we are in the single digits. Of course it is going to be 40F tomorrow.

We went to a movie today. Cami was telling her sister what we were going to see and she was a bit confused for a minute. Cami said we wanted to see the movie because Brad Bird (Iron Giant, The Incredibles) had diected it. C's sister's response? "Oh well, Tom Cruise is a cartoon so that should work." Yes, we went to see the latest in the Mission Impossible franchise. That said it was actually fun. I loved the TV show and have mostly hated the movies. I didn't see #2 because I never watch movies directed by John Woo and #3 I just gave it a pass because "Tom Cruise !?#%^". This time I really wanted to see what Brad would do with something that wasn't animated. We give it two thumbs up.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Interview (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - Director Brad Bird) - IMDb