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A couple of bands of lake effect snow passed through overnight and left about a half inch of snow Sunny and extremely windy with temperatures above freezing at the moment so the new white stuff should melt off the sidewalk without intervention.

Last night was Cami's Birthday and we had a small party at Everyday. (The Chinese characters for everyday is just the character for day repeated -- so it is "day day" restaurant.)

While waiting for someone who was a no show, we discussed what to order. Since the last hospital visit I have had to be very careful what I eat. Luckily this an authentic Chinese place so there are a variety of choices that are not fried. Anyway we got a nice seafood and mushroom stir fry, eggplant in garlic sauce, a homemade rice noodle with tsa tsa sauce (very heavy five spice) and Princess Chicken. Princess Chicken is a steamed half chicken ( with head still attached) with a rub of chopped green onion, garlic, ginger and salt. I mostly did steamed chicken and seafood but had a little bit of the others.

Everyone had a good time and Cami got some nice presents. There was an amazon wish lust fail but that will be corrected Happy Birthday Cami.

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