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so weird

I usually mark the start of the blooming of the witch hazels in my yard at or on Imbolc. Usually this happens with a yellow glow screaming from my snow filled back yard. Well, this year no snow and an incredibly stress filled last week so I just got around to checking for blooms and realized the Chinese Witch Hazel was nearly past it's prime. Then I went out the front door and found the witch hazel in my front yard fully in bloom weeks before usual.

I also have daffodils and other bulbs sprouting in the front yard and near the foundation on the south side. They all are saying spring is here!! Since the last two days have been sunny and warm I cannot really disagree. Today 40F and we are supposed to get near 50F tomorrow. Now the bulbs I can understand because of they do somewhat go by temperature but I thought the witch hazels were triggered more by light. Obviously I was wrong. I have a good photographic record (since 2003) of the tree in the front yard and March 1 seems to be the earliest date on any pictures of it blooming.

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