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Went into the parking ramp earlier and did not have my id/parking card. So I took the little piece of paper the timed parking machine spits out and figured I'd find my card and head to Parking Services with an "oops" story. (I've done it before. )

So I circle the second floor a few times and find a handicapper space at the far end of the ramp. I then tore apart the front of my car looking for the frelling card. I didn't find it but did make the paper ticket disappear. I am currently four blocks from my office and my shoulder is killing me so I call Public Safety for an escort to push me to my office. I actually had him leave me at the Parking Services desk and ask for a new card. This they give me saying that all is OK now.

The photo is bad but isn't that the definition of an ID photo? I teach my classes and then leave. I get as far as one of the exit gates which proceeds to take my card, tell me that it has an invalid format and eats the card AND doesn't open the gate. Luckily it is late so there is not a long line behind me. I back up and go to a personed gate. Explain what happened and hand her my free parking endorsed MI handicapper parking permit. She lets me out.

Tomorrow I get to go back to Parking Services and try again to get a functioning gate card.


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