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art, plants & maine coon cats

parking day three

Went into school and went directly to Parking Services. They greeted me by name! They read the info off the card and scratched their collective heads. They took the card and said they would look into the problem. I asked then and in the past to confirm that the card had been set up as a ramp pass (for faculty to use the ramp and not pay an hourly fee costs $400 a year). I have a State of Michigan endorsement that means I don't have to pay for parking. You need to prove you are a "super gimp" and fill out way more paperwork with way more doctor signatures to get this.

They gave me a "get out of jail card" for tonight and said to stop by tomorrow.

A couple of hours later a guy found me in my class and gave me my card back. He said the problem was the chip had never been coded as a ramp pass even thought I asked on numerous occasions over three days that this be done. Ya team. This guy actually went out and tried the card before he gave it back to me.

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