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sunny Sunday

Today is sunny and cold while yesterday was warmer with snow showers. Karren and I went to an art show in Kalamazoo to the Garage Sale Art Show. Being closer to Lake Michigan we ran into a number of whiteout snow squalls on the way there. A hundred artists from MI, IN and OH get together to empty out the studio of last year's work. I know a couple of the potter's who run the thing. Over the last five years it has grown into a big event. They are at the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds and a good time was had by all. I replaced a cereal bowl that I had broken and bought myself a new pair of earrings (rainbow moonstone). I do like blue sparkles -- perhaps I was a magpie in another life.

Today is sunny and Cami and I went out for brunch. I saw the Trowbridge Red Tail and a lot of crows. Did a bit of shopping on the way home. I am now doing laundry. Joy joy.

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