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ides of March

Today is Romy's tenth birthday. Happy Birthday Romy! I didn't realize that in general people don't understand the expression "ides of March" until I was reading copies of Romy's recent vet workups. When asked for her birthday I said "ides of March" and various people wrote: March 5th, March 1st, etc. Officially her birthday is March 15th! My age and education are showing. Didn't everyone have to read Julius Caesar in high school? (Honestly why am I even asking the question -- I know the whole laundry list of things people don't learn in HS anymore.)

It was 79F yesterday and it broke the record by 5 degrees. It is currently 73F but because of clouds is not supposed to get much higher. My front yard "spronged". A couple of crocuses on Monday, lots more on Tuesday and today the little iris joined the celebration.

Yesterday morning:

This morning: