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Today at 5:30pm the faculty union met for the express purpose of calling for a vote of no confidence in the administration of the college. We have not had a contract for nearly two years and the current administration is taking Community out of Community College. The Repubs in the State house have in this time passed all sorts of anti-union stuff. We can no longer strike, have the college collect the union dues, etc. They are on their way to disallowing collective bargaining for any public union. The college has spent $1.2 million dollars on lawyers to drag their feet for those 21 months. That is the set up.

Then we have people (adult, possibly thinking beings) who sit and say "but if we do this won't that make them mad? We don't want to make anyone mad." I finally got to make a motion for the vote a few hours later. Just about everyone at the meeting finally agreed to the "resolution".

::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall::

It shouldn't be this difficult to get people to stand up for themselves. But maybe -- I'm a 60's kid (occupied my first building when I was still in HS) and a damned Yankee so maybe I had a better education in how to do this stuff. I don't know.

Step two: the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday night.
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