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a little something from the right

I was watching Melissa Harris-Perry this morning on MSNBC. Lately turning on the TV and listening to the "news" does more to get me awake than a cup of coffee. She quoted Barry Goldwater on his views on the subject of abortion. I knew when he was considered a rightwing wingnut but now?

So here is this from Goldwater vs Religious Right:

The five-term U.S. senator from Arizona was equally unimpressed with TV preacher Pat Robertson. When Robertson sought the GOP nomination for president in 1988, Goldwater wasn't about to say amen. "I believe in separation of church and state," observed Goldwater. "Now, he doesn't believe that . . . I just don't think he should be running."
A few years later he told The Advocate, "I don't have any respect for the Religious Right. There is no place in this country for practicing religion in politics. That goes for Falwell, Robertson and all the rest of these political preachers. They are a detriment to the country."
While some Americans might find Goldwater's stand against all interaction between religion and politics too sweeping, many would agree with his strong commitment to individual freedom of conscience on issues as diverse as religion in schools, gay rights or abortion. In 1994 he told The Los Angeles Times, "A lot of so-called conservatives don't know what the word means. They think I've turned liberal because I believe a woman has a right to an abortion. That's a decision that's up to the pregnant woman, not up to the pope or some do-gooders or the Religious Right."



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Mar. 17th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
I doubt if even Nixon would have put up with the current crop of whackos.
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