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My desk currently contains two aluminum giants - old & new. The new MacPro is of impressively beautiful design (I'm referring to the inside, geek that I am). I just spent the evening dividing up the hard drive into Snow Leopard & XP parts. Yeeks, part of it's brain now belongs to the evil empire! And it took hours to install. Why does anyone use this @#$@%#?

I would prefer the "only Snow Leopard" option but I now have to deal with some interactive 3D software from school that is horribly Windoze-centric. A kludgy piece of expensive software that was a gift from our Dean. Yuck! I say to DirectX. I also have some Windoze software from Autodesk that I will also install. That will be nice to run at home. If you're interested I am using Bootcamp where previously I used Parallels but the kludge works better with Bootcamp.

Hopefully I will get the migration completed this weekend so that I can get one of these guys off my desk. It's new owner will like that, I just want my desk back. Two of everything - mice, keyboards, etc. is a little hard to deal with. Particularly the keyboards -- I keep trying to type on the wrong one. And I want both monitors back on one computer, there is not enough virtual desk space.

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