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tomorrow should be fun

Well last week I did the unthinkable, I criticized a colleague's class. We have been having this conversation for a couple of years now and every time I say anything I am an evil person personally attacking a poor innocent. I get students in my 200 level classes that don't know what they need to know to be successful in my animation class. I politely ask that a few thing be changed. And ask, and ask again. Others tell her changes need to be made and her response is that "the students like the class the way it is!" I shake my head and send out an email asking what things will need to be changed in the class this time. I send it to everyone because I'm sick of the "when I deal with this I'll have a meeting for everyone to have input" that never happens.

So tomorrow there is a meeting where I will present the remarks I collected. I've also found that she has been going to talk to people privately about hateful me and she has been told they agree with me. Oh this should be fun.

To bed because the meeting is at what to me is oh dark 30.