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someone ran over the easter bunny

Stepped out on the front porch and said to self I didn't need a jacket and then turned the corner of the house and was in the wind. Windchill reduces the temperature by a significant amount.

Cami and I went for dim sum and a run of charity. An acquaintance of ours has been at home sick and we went to the grocery store to do a bit of shopping and dropped it off. It would have helped if she hadn't been so passive/aggressive and actually sent a shopping list. It was more of a "something to roast" and "doggy treats" kind of list. The doggy treats part was the most difficult -- cat person here.

On entering our neighborhood I noticed a dead rabbit. Up until then it had just been a lot of squirrels. I got home and decided that I had to post some garden pictures. The flowering trees in my back yard are lovely this afternoon.

The thing on the left is the rose bush (Reine de Violettes) that is trying to eat my house with my rusty gate in the foreground (it coordinates well with the house).

Near the house, mid ground and the far back yard.