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i have to get some grading done today...

I do love it when folks complain about what an easy job I have teaching -- ya know -- short hours, summers off, etc. They get all defensive when I say that I have prep work for classes (do they think I just walk into class and talk about whatever I want?), I get to spend weekends grading (like today), that I get paid for only the days I am in class plus one week (that summer off is unpaid leave), etc. I am particularly pissed this weekend because the Repubs in the state house are about ready to enact more "hate those teachers" laws that makes my life much more "fun" and less remunerated. The gov. gave away over a billion in tax breaks at the beginning of the year and now are trying to make that back off the backs of state workers and teachers. As I work for a public community college I am in the same boat as pubic school employees. I used to think I had a good retirement and all but that becomes less and less likely.

Enough of the rant. Here is what it looks like out my kitchen window this morning. Rain and thunderstorms scheduled for later in the day -- we are a 6 on the "will there be tornadoes" scale.

And a gratuitous cat picture, just because she looked cute this morning.