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"Taxpayers bail out Wall Street and Detroit. But there's no help, or Springsteen anthem, for struggling creatives."

No sympathy for the creative class - Art in Crisis - Salon.com

"They’re pampered, privileged, indulged – part of the “cultural elite.” They spend all their time smoking pot and sipping absinthe. To use a term that’s acquired currency lately, they’re entitled. And they’re not – after all – real Americans.

This what we hear about artists, architects, musicians, writers and others like them. And it’s part of the reason the struggles of the creative class in the 21st century – a period in which an economic crash, social shifts and technological change have put everyone from graphic artists to jazz musicians to book publishers out of work – has gone largely untold. Or been shrugged off." -- SCOTT TIMBERG


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Apr. 25th, 2012 04:57 pm (UTC)
As the saying goes, "Bullshit!"
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