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I decided that the south fence needs more roses so I ordered some from MN. I purchased some from a local nursery but they didn't do well. My yard works on the survival of the fittest principle. If it is fussy and needs lots of TLC it doesn't last for long -- the same goes for my roses. Rugosas and old roses for me. They have nice scent as well.

I read about all the grief one is supposed to go through to over winter your climbing roses. I want roses that survive winter without work. I figured if the roses can survive winter in MN then they shouldn't have any trouble here in Lansing.

I could have gotten more Reine de Violettes and just watched them take over the yard but decided for variety. Three more pinks but enough of a difference that there should be nice variety. I cannot remember names right now but I'll list any that impress me.

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