art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

tails of geese or tales of geese, it is one of those days

Went out to run errands and this greeted me in the front yard.

Ran into cute scenes with Canadian Geese and goslings in two places. One was more interactive than the other. First in the pond/swamp/marsh enclosed by the i496 & 127 interchange were simply two adults with five fairly small fluffies swimming in a row. The count of fluffies was an impression as I was going about 50mph at the time.

It was later on Jolly Rd. near Delphi Glass when I got to stop traffic. Well, actually the goose procession stopped traffic but I did my part. Five adults with two larger and six or seven smaller goslings were crossing the road. Two humans in scrubs (probably from one of the doctor's offices on either side of the street) were "helping" the large group cross the road. The crossing was at a very leisurely pace not in any way assisted by the humans. The humans did stop traffic but then just confused and irritated the geese. One human had a parent goose hissing in her face and the other adults were trying to corral their fluffies. We all sat nicely until some idiot tried to pass us in the center turn lane. The SUV next to me moved and cut them off, go SUV. I'm not sure why this was happening but I hope it didn't happen often because some drivers won't be as nice. (There are marshy ponds on both sides of the road at this point so it might have been a "what's over there" situation or the nests might have been on the north side of the road with pond on south.) With the geese across the road, traffic resumed. Saw a swan pair swimming in the pond with ducks and geese so this is a favored place.

This was also the pond I saw a Great Blue Heron rise from about a month ago so it is a busy place.

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