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farmer's market

Went to the Okemos Farmer's Market for the first time this year. Lots of plants (I'm still debating planting my pot of basil), spinach and other early greens, asparagus, and rhubarb, all local. A couple more grass fed meat venders than last year. I bought some lamb because ELFCO doesn't carry it from a local source.

Bought some eggs and rhubarb from the Amish folks. Rhubarb custard pie will happen sometime this weekend. My own rhubarb is not doing so well - it needs more sun. I need to rethink its position and move it or at least plant some elsewhere in the yard. It has been losing the battle with the gout weed in the shade. I can hope that the neighbor's box elder will go the way of the others in their yard and fall down. It is leaning away from my yard at least. I saw a woodpecker having its way with the tree so it is in decline but not dead yet.

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