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Went in to school for a meeting and to wrangle computer setups, software demons and otherwise bang my head against a wall. Meeting went well. The bad computer thing was demoed with various attempts to fix the bad failing. Looks like the decision to just not have student do that is the best answer. Worked my software magic and set settings. The translated a couple of 3D objects from one software to the other. Swearing at the desk and remembering the fight I had with an idiot about the desk because it is not accessible. My wheelchair couldn't get close enough to the monitor so I could read it!!!

Grumble, grumble. On the way out I ran into a colleague who I would like to strangle. Asked how I was, then said I must be good because I didn't have to work. All snide and high horsey because she is teaching this summer. I told her I already wrote one class and was in the process of revising three more and she lost her damn smirk. Like I've ever had a summer "off" where I wasn't working as hard or harder than she does. Still pissed!

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