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road trip

Cami and I went to Zingerman's for lunch. On the way saw that there was road construction on 96 and there was about 10 miles of one lane parking lot. We decided to take an alternate route on the way home.

At Zingerman's we lucked into a parking spot without even having to look. Lots of what looked like parental units with kids. The kids I know were college age but they look so young. Must be some sort of orientation at UMich.

It was a beautiful day and most people opted for sitting outside so we went inside to "Next Door". It will be really nice when all of the construction is done.

We could not make up our minds so we got three sandwiches and had them cut in quarters. A beautiful fennel pork sandwich, a brisket sandwich with tons of horseradish and peppered ham with smoked mozzarella. Nom nom. We then had the left overs for dinner. A number of employees congratulated us on our strategy and understood our "we couldn't make our mind". They are evil people and keep inventing new sandwiches. We don't get there often enough to sample everything.

On the way home we got off the highway at Howell and came home on Grand River. It was a nice drive through farm country punctuated by small towns. It looks like they have had more rain here because even the grass was green. Corn looked good until we got close to Lansing.

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