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cat show

Went to a cat show in town because I wanted to look at a couple of breeds besides Maine Coon. It is one thing to see a picture and another to see the actual cats.

A woman had a couple of Norwegian Forest cats but their noses were too pointy.

Saw a couple of Birmans which were lovely. All the beauty of a color point without the volume of an Oriental. I don't like cats that yell all the time with no volume control. These were a flame tabby point boy who was just the sweetest little guy. The orange against the big blue eyes was spectacular. The little chocolate point girl was more talkative (again not a good thing) but equally beautiful. Might think about one of them.

But every time I spied a Maine Coon it was "oh, ah, ...". I'm hopeless. It just has to be a Maine Coon.

Karren & Mike looked at all the Oriental and Siamese kitties. I still think they look like weasels but to each his or her own.

The venue was impossible. I could hardly get my wheelchair around. They need a bigger place.

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