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The trees and bushes in the front needed a bit of pruning so today was the day. An absolutely beautiful, sunny and 70s day. I do love nearly fall weather -- thank you Canada for the wonderful air.

With my lot only 33 feet wide there is not much room if you want to put your car in your drive way. My neighbor has been very nice about the fact that my shrub was trying to eat her car, so that is where we started. Her dog was very NOT pleased and started barking which brought two neighbors to the scene to see what was going on. I directed while Kari clipped and the deed was done. Conversations happened. We moved on to the street tree and removed a couple of branches that were attempting to assault folks walking on the sidewalk.

About this time the Goodyear blimp flew overhead and circled the neighborhood. Tomorrow is a televised MSU v Notre Dame game. Oh joy, no shopping in East Lansing tomorrow. They expanded the stadium so that now 125k can watch mayhem. I very carefully look up "football saturdays" and record them on my calendar as "keep away from EL" days.

Trimmed the witch hazel in the front yard so that it no longer brushes up against the house -- bad tree.

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