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september is the hardest month

This has been a terrible month and I haven't been posting much. Romy died and I have not been dealing with that very well. I keep writing stuff and erasing it. So I will just do a short eulogy and be done. I've been really sick this month as well so hope October is better.

Her best photo...


This is a six month old kitten and she is at this point bigger than most full grown cats.


A couple of years ago I decided I needed another picture with Cami as ruler. Just so you know that is mostly fur. She is a fairly thin 22+ pound cat and just a little bit on the huge side. Oh, and she hates to be picked up.


Her feet and my large hand.

Her best friend was Miss Wyn (my paranoid schizophrenic cat but her Auntie Wyn).



She was the sweetest cat I have every lived with. She will be missed.

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