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cold & windy

It was in the 70's and sunny yesterday. Today it is 40F, cold and damp. Not actually raining yet although that might of changed since I went underground about an hour ago.

The cat saga continues and all for the good. Birds are stripping the last of the rowan berries in the back. Hence the need to actually share a window seat. It went well as evidenced here.


Birds in the front yard are eating the pretty purple berries of the Callicarpa bodinieri. The curtains in the front are just small cafe sheers on tension rods. Needless to say the curtains have been on the floor more than on the windows. Even though she is a kitten Ash weighs nine pounds and standing on top of a curtain rod has the usual gravitational effect.

Had requisite Friday meeting and now I should be grading stuff but I really just want to go home. Maybe I'll carry stuff home, ignore it while feeling guilty and then bring it back all ungraded on Monday. Or maybe I just leave it her at school. Why did I tell students that I would get things back within one week?