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more of same

I didn't do much of anything today. Shoulder is screaming so I just stayed home and read. I'm glad I had the party yesterday. I also graded the midterms that had reached their "must be graded by 7 days" expiration date.

Talked with my sister and it is still is a mess in New Jersey but at least they got to sleep in a heated house last night. That is much better than sleeping bags in front of the fire.

Ash spent most of the day watching the world from my cellar windows. The rec room has book shelves that go from floor to just under the windows so it is a perfect kitty perch. The top of the shelves accessible from huge floor to ceiling cat tree made with actual trees. Friday, my yard guy weed whacked all the perennials down so she has a great view of the yard. Way too many tree rats were bouncing around the yard all day, but she was happy. Fi spent most of the day sleeping. First on the living room cat tree and then later on the head of the bed. This pose does not look comfortable.


I will try to get more pictures of Ash but she demonstrates her kitten-ness by never sitting still. I believe she ordered the inviso-springs while I wasn't looking. Boing, boing, boing ...