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writing an exam

I had all the other exams written but I need to do one for my illustrator class. I do exams that are mostly practicums. A few define terms, a few tell me the similarities and difference between, and just do this kind of questions. I am not interested in testing short term memory and I never do multiple guess exams. So I write the exam and then take it so I have an example of what it is supposed to look like. This also gives me a guess as to how long the exam is -- using a rule of how long it takes me x20 = total time. This isn't always accurate but gets me close.

Of course, I had help from two cats.

Also last night my iPhone decided it didn't want to be a phone anymore. I could still sit in the middle of a parking lot and surf the interwebs but I could not make a phone call. I had decided I didn't want to replace my phone at the moment (I actually can ignore a new Apple toy) so phone not working was not good. I backed it all up and then decided to update the OS in hopes that would get it to think about being a phone again. Success!!!!

Now back to work after a visit with Cami. The furry hephalumps are galloping in the background but I'm sure will offer assistance as soon as I sit in front if the computer.

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