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From BalloonJuice --

So, how about this proposal: You know how “pro-life” people always want women to “confront the reality of their choices” by showing them ultrasounds and pictures of fetuses? Well, maybe we could make it a requirement that people buying guns be forced to watch a slideshow of the crime scene pictures from Newtown (or Aurora or any of the thousands of other gun murders per year). Maybe that would drive home the reality of the choice gun owners are making by indulging their gunfighter fantasies.

Confronting the Reality of their Choices | Balloon Juice

I am not anti-gun. I grew up on a farm and was taught to shoot at an early age. Hunting, at least, serves a purpose of feeding people and I ate a lot of venison as a kid. Automatic weapons and assault rifles serve no purpose other than to kill people. Do stringent background checks, ban weapons of mass destruction and stop being stupid. Oh, that's probably not going to happen!

EtA: maybe a strict reading of the constitution would please the idjuts in this case and only weapons that were around when they wrote the constitution would be allowed. Not really trying for flip at this point but sick of the pundits nattering.

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