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loud screams from a cat

I awoke to what sounded like a cat fight in the kitchen. Tearing paper, crashing and screaming.

I stumbled into the kitchen to find cat food every where. I called for cats and Ash responded. She went right back downstairs. I looked around for Fi and she was not anywhere I could find here.

I found the evidence that she had been investigating a gift bag on dining room table. Remnants of said bag were in the kitchen caught on a chair. One handle was missing which meant it was more than likely around a cat.

With Fi downstairs I needed help and got Cami's mom. She came over and went downstairs. She found Fi and the handle was around her waist. Terrified cat raced upstairs and into the living room. We followed and tried to get close enough to cut the handle off. Finally cornered her in the kitchen and removed the damn thing. I picked her up and she velcoed herself to me. It took about a half hour for her to calm a bit.

The outcome of this is either she will avoid paper bags or she will kill all she finds because paper bags are EVIL.

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