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Cold and grey.

Spent most of last night wrapping presents. I got some of the food prep work done last night as well. I will be having guests tonight for the Annual Indulgence Feast (tm). A bring whatever you feel like eating and gift swap event.

I'm making little mushroom munchies, roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, and shrimp with cocktail sauce that has enough horseradish to clean out your sinuses but not quite blow the top of you head off. I may make popovers or not depending on what everyone else brings. Nothing goes with anything else but I included veg! Last year I made all sorts of time consuming fussy things but not so this year. Some years this can end up all deserts but we have tried to moderate the past few years.

Tomorrow Chinese for lunch. I used to do a big dinner at my house as well but again with the moderation theme. I'll try for a bit more calm and stress-free day.

For your viewing pleasure I give you the imp in the shower. Yes, the water is running. It is hard to get a good picture so I focused on the water.

She has a lot of fur so she doesn't get too wet.

Autocorrect has been so helpful this morning.

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