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a visit to the dentist

The dentist visit this morning got more interesting when I had to leave my car overnight at the dealership. On a two year, low mileage car I had a dead alternator. I was not pleased! Understatement! It was covered by warranty but I still had to get a ride to the dentist this morning.

So I had to have a crown. In the past this meant a couple of visits, with temporary crowns and hassles. Well no more. Fun 3D technology! The dentist took reference scans, removed what needed to be removed and then did more scans. He has a fun CAM setup with the scan/model unit. The dentist is able to check fit, make adjustments to shape, etc. before it is milled out of porcelain. (It is a really sweet NURBS modeler if you are interested in the geekery.) Once milled they put it in to check everything then it is glazed & fired and glued in.

It took about two and a half hours total and looks like my real tooth. Too cool!

Then we went to pick up my car and have lunch. I think the Honda folks were surprised when Cami's junker parked in front.

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