art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

squirrel wars

In the yard of the house south of me is a large walnut tree. Today I witnessed a heated altercation between a grey, black and a red squirrel over distribution of the tree's largess. Each thought the tree belonged to them! Many bad words were spoken, much tail waving and much chasing up and down & hither and fro. Romy (pictured in icon) sat in the window and was still being amused by it all as I left for work.

Being from New England I was very familiar with grey and red squirrels (flying ones as well). The black squirrel (a melanistic subgroup of grey squirrel) was not something I had seen before. The original population here was imported (by John Harvey Kellogg) to MSU back in the day. When I first moved to town they were still primarily located on campus and the surrounding environs. I am about 3 miles from campus and it has taken about 25 years for the majority population to tip in favor of the black.

The three flavors of squirrel do not like each other. I don't know who won this battle but I'm betting on the black squirrels. I'm also betting that there will be new walnut trees sprouting all over my yard AGAIN!

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