art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

the saturday drive

It was a sunny but cold day here. A breeze but not a wind. A beautiful day for a drive to Ann Arbor and Zingerman's. We had seen that the construction was mostly done being constructed and wanted to see it but mostly we wanted FOOD! Excellent food!

U of M was not back yet so our 1pm arrival didn't require a very long wait to get in. I did a bit of shopping for friends while Cami went to the order line. We couldn't make up our mind so we did the only sensible thing and ordered three sandwiches cut in quarters. Some for now and the rest to be taken home. Note to self: Next time get the nosher (smaller) sandwiches because 3/4 of a Zingerman's sandwich is too much food to eat at one go.

Our order included a #50 Where is Deveaux, Anyways?, I've always want to try Montreal smoked meat. Also #73 Tarb’s Tenacious Tenure, a turkey sandwich with avocado & more and the special of the month, Liam’s Spanish Armada a tuna sandwich made with line caught Spanish tuna. I got Karren some pickled plums because they didn't have pickled raisins at the deli. Karren is a pickle fanatic and I got to sample the plums before buying and they were amazing. I also got a bunch of frozen pot pies for those night when I come home and am too tired to cook. Their fungi ones are the best and I'm not vegetarian.

Once we were finished ordering we figured we had to go outside to get to the next building and checkout. The connecting ramp was still sporting "under construction" signs. However the ever so amazingly nice people let me use the ramp. I got to be the first wheelchair user to be on it!


We ate our sandwiches, brought the leftovers home and are now kicking back. I think I may eat again tomorrow.

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